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(I am often not able to take calls, so email is the quickest method...if you need to speak to me direct email me and I will let you know when I am likely to be able to take your call)

Please see

for all your equipment requirements

Formerly ''

dentalphotoapp on special offer extended £4.99 from £9.99

Full step by step guide to settings for Canon and Nikon cameras, plus lens and flash settings.

Plus techniques pages for all your clinical photography views...essential tool for anyone wanting to progress with their photography and save valuable time.


NEW dentalphoto app for Android and Apple

Chairside assistance for all your dental views, settings, positioning,

focus points and troubleshooting all at your fingertips!

See review by Professor Damien Walmsley University of Birminghamgham

Click here  for review.

AVAILABLE NOW on i-Tunes and for 'dentalphoto' or use links below

Support site

Want to get on with your photography in the
easiest cheapest way?
Follow the 6 steps below.




1.Buy the DentalPhoto dentalphoto on GooglePlay or i-Tunes

2.Check equipment recommendations on the app

3.Buy individual items or buy a custom made kit from us

4.If 'doing it yourself' follow detailed set up instructions on the 'Settings' pages of the app

5.Take consistent quality images using the 'Techniques' pages on the app

6.Sign up for the free online course for further training......see below.


Best equipment, best settings, best support and best training. See below for free on line course.

"Successfully received the photography set up yesterday and
had a chance to "play" with it today!
It's looking good and you have put together a great kit; appreciate it all being ready to go and the A4 printed instruction sheet you have done is super useful.
Thanks for all your help and advice.
I shall be recommending you to any interested colleagues!"
Bruce McLoughlin
Kendal Dental Care Ltd

"Had my camera for just over a year now. Just wanted you to know it has really reignited my interest in dentistry again. I use my camera on almost every patient. It is SO EASY, and so forgiving. Just brilliant. Have just kept the settings exactly as you listed and have no problems.
Will probably invest in another identical set up later this year so camera doesn't have to do as many trips up and down stairs!"

JW South Sussex

These kits are suitable for Dental and Medical applications.

Purchase orders from NHS, Hospitals and Universities welcome.

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KitsTrainingPractice Visits


Sorry only within 50 mile radius of Birmingham at present.

Get a no obligation quote for your requirements.

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Sign up for this free online course....latest run of the course has now finished, it will re run in January 2015, in the meantime the dentalphotoapp will get you up and running.

Available Worldwide!

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Tired of seeing 'before and after' shots that just don't match... particular tooth whitening!

Go to the shop page to get a kit that will give you control

over your images for good!

"The right kit is important but.....

It's the settings that make the difference"


Problem with sourcing yourself is that it is not as straightforward as it sounds and will probably end up with a small saving and a lot of hassle!

"Yeah-I've realised that and knew it would be easier to get it all from you, but my mates convinced me to source it cheaper!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for your help in purchasing my Canon 500d!
It made a huge difference when i was preparing my case studies for the MJDF exam."

"The kit is so easy to use, it has brought my photography

'up to scratch'

in one easy step...excellent thank you"

"Kit looks fantastic..

can't wait to get my clinical photography started"

"My camera has arrived . Looks great, just need to learn how to use it.

Thanks for all your advice and help , it is greatly appreciated .
You offer a fantastic service."

Practice Visits as featured in 'The Dentist' Click here

  • Dental photography is becoming a part of the normal working day in a modern Dental Practice wherever you are in the world, from staff training to patient education and marketing. .
  • High quality ‘before and after’ images of your work are the best advertisement of your skills and expertise.
  • For many Practices integrating photography into your working day will be a steep learning curve, with Practices becoming increasingly busy there is little time for learning by trial and error, a resource such as can be invaluable.
  • This site has been set up to give the General Dental Practitioner and their team a practical understanding of the Digital Imaging process & their application in your Practice.
  • Experienced dentists/trainers will often say ‘it’s easy’ to take quality in focus images, which is true. I understand that it’s only easy when you have been taught correctly how to make it simple, consistent and of high quality.
  • Good easy training from the base up is the only way, on my courses you get to know your cameras and how to get the best results in the most practical way….so then it can be classed as ‘easy’!
  Dentist consulting with patient