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These kits are not just about the equipment but more about the settings and support, problems with any of the items are dealt with by Mike Sharland, you may find you can put something together a little cheaper...this could prove more expensive in the long term in terms of time and 'hassle'? Wherever possible 'loan' equipment is supplied in rare case of a fault...subject to availability.

We accept payment by BACs, cheque and PayPal please see

These are my recommended kits and are designed to be simple to use. Other options are available please

e-mail with your requirements.   email us.

"Kit arrived safe and sound. Absolutely thrilled with it, works straight out of the box, and with the supplied accessories is all I need".

Kits can be pre set to your specifications where requested....all kits are supplied complete with all batteries charged and settings set for consistent quality results, many other kits come either not set at all or part set..this can often result in disappointment  and your expensive equipment will quickly slip into disuse....a zoom lens is also included for general photography.

Kits can be customized to your individual requirements i.e. if you already have mirrors retractors.

Individual quotes just email us for up dated quote, and personalised kits.

ALL kits now include a 8GB card to replace the 2GB advertised plus a free SD card reader.

All Canon and All Nikon set ups also available.

A quick note about pricing-

*Pricing these items in the kit individually, buying from this site and from mainstream web sources, you are paying about £140 more than putting everything together yourself (and I haven't taken into account any postage charges which will bring this down further) ...which is basically my fee for set up and after sales support.  E-mail for latest prices...discounts may be available depending on current camera prices.

Remember loan equipment if your lens, flash or camera are away for warranty repair, so you wont have a break in your photography.